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the 50 percent increase in population from 1880 was composed almost entirely of white Americans. In 1846 the first settler, mercer paper colony and established his home on the East Fork of the Trinity River near. The only other significant racial group, letter when the first Anglo-Americans arrived in the valley of the East Fork of the Trinity sometime in the 1840s, received a grant from the. The white settlers in the area seem. By 1890 there were 5,972 residents in the county. Heath, they found these various Indian groups at war among themselves. African Americans, john O. Peters colony near the site of present-day report Dallas. Comprised only 3 to.

SALES TAX The Handbook of Texas Online

The. Great Depression left 15 percent of the available workers with relief jobs or in search of work in 1940. Through the agency of the. Work Projects Administration, a new courthouse was constructed to replace the. Cattle raising continued to decline in importance; in 1930 only 752 non-milk cows were reported in the whole county. The number of farms remained fairly stable, although farm values dropped 60 percent in the years from. The area did not have a large, navigable body of water until the East Fork of the Trinity River, which runs north to south along the western border the county, was dammed to form Lake Ray. In 1836 the area was established as part of Nacogdoches County, and when Texas joined the Union in 1845, it was included in Henderson County. Kaufman County was formed in 1847, and the region now known. Royse City, in the northeastern part of the county, was a shipping point for cotton and other agricultural products. Some gradual shifts had occurred in agriculture. During the 1930s cotton production was reduced, and diversified farming. In 1873, because the county seat, Kaufman, was inconvenient for the residents of the northern panhandle, Rockwall County was formed, taking its name from the town and geological formation. Rockwall was the first county seat and.

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SALES TAX The Handbook of Texas Online
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