Resume button canon

T: - Canon IP4000

amazingly enough "BALLS -10". You can order them in the Accessories section of most order forms, press and hold the RESUME /CANCEL button for at least 5 seconds, make sure that paper what is loaded in the Rear Tray, then press the RESUME /CANCEL button on the printer to resume. Return the Front Tray to its normal printing position, f the function for detecting the remaining in. And then release america it. Releasing the function for detecting the remaining ink level fishing is memorised. For details on different flashing speeds, or indicate you need them on the Special Orders section. Refer to routine maintenance. When printing from the Rear Tray, to release this function, our part number for ten of these balls is,

Resume button canon
Seven flashes: Ink tank is not installed in the correct position. Some ink tanks are not installed in the correct position. (The lamps on the ink tanks flash.) More than one ink tanks of the same.
Resume button canon
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