Consumer report on fridges

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either. No fancy features here, on a budget, how to buy a fridge Use this section as a guide to narrow in on your best fridge. The GE has all the same. But that means theres less that can break over time. GE GTS18GTHWW. You might need a narrower or shallower fridge than we about recommend, its a 30-inch wide top freezer that costs less than 600. Or traffic maybe prices have shifted dramatically since we published edit this guide. This is the minimum viable fridge that most people should consider. On the other hand, or maybe you just prefer a different style, the next section can help you ask the right questions about any fridge youre interested in. Wed get the. Noise is not a common complaint among owners, apart from an ice maker in the freezer,

Consumer report on fridges

We know that we cant account for all the make-or-break factors for every kitchen and every family. Instead, were laying out the most important questions to ask and factors to consider when youre shopping for a. Table of contents How we picked How to buy a fridge. Best for most: a 36-inch French door fridge A four-door fridge from the future An affordable top freezer A French door for 33-inch spaces What. With about 25 cubic feet of full-width, well-distributed capacity, it should hold enough food for a family of six with room left for drinks. Energy Star gives its efficiency a stamp of approval. (The actual widths are all a few fractions of an inch skinnier; were just rounding up for the sake of convenience.) If you only measure one dimension, make it widththats probably the limiting factor for what. Budget pick 540 from Home Depot A reliable, no-frills fridge GE GTS18GTHWW. Need a cheap fridge that just works? Most top-freezer models are pretty similar, but this GE is among the least likely to have reliability. 1,211 from Home Depot 1,100 from Best Buy The Whirlpool WRF535SMBM s build is stripped-down but solid; it feels like it can turn in years of steady service without much fuss.

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Consumer report on fridges
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