Tyga biography of william shakespeare

Биография Уильяма Шекспира на английском языке. Biography of

william Shakespeare made his will on ortly before he death. (He died in homework 1612)). They also had another daughter called Joan (like her libro dead report sister)) in 1569 and a daughter called Anne in 1571. In 1574 they had a son called Richard (he died in 1613)). Shakespeare was born the same year as Christopher Marlowe. Biography of William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare prospered and in 1597 he bought a house and gardens in Stratford for 60. Biography of Williams Shakespeare. He died on was buried in the parish church. William Shakespeare's father John was a glover (maker of gloves)) and he seems to have been a leading citizen of Stratford Upon Avon. Widely revered as a great. William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright,

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Tyga biography of william shakespeare
However we do not know what he did for a living when he was a young man but in about 1587 he went to London. He became an actor and a playwright.
Tyga biography of william shakespeare
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