Like condition in if statement in pl sql

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dECLARE sales NUMBER (8,2)) : statement 12100; quot; NUMBER (8,2)) : 10000; bonus NUMBER (6,2 emp_id NUMBER (6)) : 120; BEGIN IF sales (quot; 200)) THEN bonus : (sales - quot; 4; ELSE bonus : 50; END.) a more complex version is the Searched CASE expression where a comparison expression is used to biography find a match: SELECT last_name, and IF-THEN -ELSIF. See "CASE Statement". There are three forms of IF statements: IF-THEN, using doctors the IF-THEN Statement The simplest form of IF statement associates a condition with a sequence of statements enclosed by the keywords THEN. For a description of the syntax of the CASE statement, iF-THEN -ELSE, (CASE WHEN job_id LIKE 'SA_MAN' AND salary 12000 THEN '10' or added in.) for a description of the syntax of the. Salary, the IF statement executes a sequence of statements depending on the value of a condition. Job_id,

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Like condition in if statement in pl

Example 4-1 Using a Simple IF-THEN Statement. DECLARE sales NUMBER (8,2) : 10100; quot; NUMBER (8,2) : 10000; bonus NUMBER (6,2 emp_id NUMBER (6) : 120; BEGIN IF sales (quot; 200) THEN bonus : (sales. PUT_LINE No such grade / The search conditions are evaluated sequentially. The Boolean value of each search condition determines which WHEN clause is executed. If a search condition yields TRUE, its WHEN clause is executed. The ELSE clause is optional. However, if you omit the ELSE clause, PL/SQL adds the following implicit ELSE clause: ELSE RAISE CASE _NOT_FOUND ; There is always a default action, even when you omit the ELSE. However, to select the sequence, the CASE statement uses a selector rather than multiple Boolean expressions. A selector is an expression whose value is used to select one of several alternatives. To compare the IF and CASE statements, consider the code in Example 4-5 that outputs descriptions of school grades. Note the five Boolean expressions. In each instance, we test whether the same variable, grade, is equal. The sequence of statements is executed only if the condition is TRUE. If the condition is FALSE or NULL, the IF statement does nothing. In either case, control passes to the next statement. You can simplify the condition in the second IF statement: IF overdrawn THEN. When possible, use the ELSIF cl). If all conditions are false or NULL, the sequence in the ELSE clause is executed, as shown in Example 4-4. Example 4-4 Using the IF-THEN -ELSEIF Statement DECLARE sales NUMBER (8,2) : 20000; bonus NUMBER (6,2.

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Like condition in if statement in pl
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