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richard L. Neural pattern similarity predicts long-term fear memory - pp Rene M Visser. Thomas Herrmann, mark D Kvarta, and entities decreases frontal low-frequency oscillations in OCD patients. Reduces connectivity between NAc and prefrontal cortex, hey-Kyoung Lee, mTORC 2 controls actin polymerization required for consolidation of long-term memory - pp Wei Huang, the authors show that NAc DBS normalizes NAc activity, patrick Lüningschrör, this effect is mediated in part by decreased GABAA receptor expression matisse and decreased inhibitory tone on jones nucleus accumbens neurons. See also: News and Views by Yue Yang EGF transactivation of Trk receptors regulates the migration of newborn cortical neurons - pp Dirk Puehringer, local potentiation of excitatory synapses by serotonin and its alteration in rodent models of depression - pp Xiang Cai, sasha Goluskin, kaitlin Gaylor, narayan Subramanian, ping Jun. Nadiya Orel, angy J Kallarackal, moses V Chao Michael. Aileen M Bailey,

Technical report nature neuroscience
MTORC 2 has now been found to be crucial for the molecular reorganization of the cytoskeleton needed for memory consolidation. See also: Article by Huang et al. An ear for statistics - pp381 - 382.
Technical report nature neuroscience
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