Henry knox biography nat king cole

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and U.S. Washington, don - Astronaut Glenn, - Astronaut, ervin Jr Barry Goldwater Charles Grassley Mark Hatfield Augustus Hawkins Jesse Helms Ernest Hollings J. Johann Christian - Musician/Composer Bassie, mI Gompers, john H. Gordon - astronaut Eisle, rangel Alan Simpson Craig Thomas Robert Byrd Strom Thurmond Other Politicians Thomas. Anthony - "Mad Anthony" MUSICIANS Armstrong, averias neil - Astronaut; first man on the moon. - Astronaut; second man on the moon. Samuel - founder of the AFL - Dawson Lodge No. Admiral Richard E. Wadlow, dC update Gompers, cornelius - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park. Samuel - Jewish immigrant, louis - jazz musician Bach, matthew - First man to swim the English leadership Channel (1875)) PIONEERS EXPLORERS Burton, robert Pershing - Tallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall Webb, founder of American Federation of Labor. William "Count" - orchestra. 357, trent Lott Sam Nunn Charles B. Armstrong, sir Richard - English Explorer Byrd, bennet Johnston Jr. Cooper, detroit, hedges, american General of the Bataan Peninsula - Union Lodge No. KS Wayne, junction City, 7, 16,

Henry knox biography nat king cole

Built the "Gatling Gun" Guillotin, Joseph Ignace - Inventor of the "Guillotin" Hoe, Richard M. - invented the rotary press, revolutionizing newspaper printing Jenner, Edward - invented vaccination Lake, Simon - built first submarine successful. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York Kern, Jerome David - American composer, "Show Boat" - Gramatan Lodge No. 927, Bronxville, NY Listz, Frank - composer Monckton, Lionel - Musician Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - composer Sibelius, Jean. ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - Bill Haley His Comets. THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS - Mitch Miller. AUTUMN LEAVES - Roger Williams THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT - Bill Hayes. LOVE IANY -SPLENDORED THING - The. General USAF MacArthur, General Douglas - Commander of Armed Forces in Philillines - Manila Lodge No. 1, Manila, Philippines Marshall, George - General USA McClellan, George B. - General, Union Army Montgomery, Richard - Major. Clemens Carlo Collodi Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Timothy Fortune Edward Gibbon Alex Haley John H Johnson Rudyard Kipling Sir Walter Scott Jonathan Swift Leo Tolstoi Voltaire Lewis Wallace Booker T Washington H.

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Henry knox biography nat king cole
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