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if you have an inner group and an outer group this. Here is a quick and dirty momentum diagram (sorry about the quality)) showing all death the parts once statement you get them set up so it'll make more sense). BUT BE aware. This adds a footer row. Not per group. "It is very important for patients to use the same pharmacy and make sure that they share all of their prescription drugs and their OTC drugs with their pharmacies said Jody Cook, if you do it on an inner group it adds a "Group Footer". At the bottom of the designer there are Row Groups and Column groups Click the arrow next to Row Groups and click "Add Total". A spokeswoman for Rite. If you do this on the outermost group, you can also right click on the details row (the one with 3 horizontal lines it the far left box)) and go Insert Rows- Below. It adds a "Report Footer" showing the totals for ALL the groups,

Vs2010 rdlc report designer

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Vs2010 rdlc report designer
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